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Imagination creates possibilities.

When I wrote my novel, Turn On, Tune Out, I used my imagination. I became acquainted with a 30-year-old single composer with deep feelings about music, creativity and motherhood. When I market my novel, I also use my imagination. Publi...

“I’m lighting a candle for you that you get your book published.”

Every time I telephoned my mother in New York from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bristol, Stockholm, or from wherever I happened to be living, she began the conversation with this incantation. She believed...

Buy and read my novel, Turn On, Tune Out:

A British composer turns outlaw in Los Angeles in the award-winning...

February 7, 2018

Even on Valentine's Day, she answers to no man. Young and gifted, British composer Angelica Morgan is in control of her own life in Los Angeles. Angelica has almost everything – her work, an audience and friends.

Should she risk love?

Angelica’s choice will surprise you...

January 31, 2018

It is good to talk.

I am reminded again of the importance of conversation while watching several Oscar-nominated films. Movies set in the past usually have meaningful dialogue. Those set in the present often show a preponderance of cursing, which has lost its shock valu...

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