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Portugal: 50+ Can Book Vaccine Online

Updated: May 28, 2021


Starting on May 27, people 50 years of age and older can sign up online for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, according to SAPO 24 (May 27).

In principle, it will begin this afternoon depending on computer information systems, said vice-admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo, coordinator of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, according to Diario de Noticias (May 26).

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Date of birth, fiscal number, and patient (utente) number are requested on the Directorate of Health (DGS) form. If you don’t have a patient number, it asks for the identification number of your citizens’ card or passport.

After choosing a location from a dropdown menu, an appointment day is issued online immediately. An SMS follows with a confirmed time.

The country is accelerating the pace of vaccinations as a large vaccine shipment is arriving in Portugal, said Gouveia e Melo, according to Diario de Noticias (May 26).

Currently, Pfizer BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), Moderna and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines are being administered in Portugal. They are the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency. However, in Portugal, the AstraZeneca vaccine is not recommended for those younger than 60, according to SIC Noticias (April 16). Also, the one-jab Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not recommended for those younger than 50, according to the Observador (May 26).

Before today, only those 55 and older were able to make appointments online. At the end of April, only those 65 and older could use the online service.

As of June 6, vaccination will be open to those 40 and older and on June 20, those 30 and older, said Gouveia e Melo, according to SAPO.

The DGS (May 27) reported a total of 5,078,712 administered COVID-19 vaccines. Of that, 1,572,243 were completed vaccinations.

Portugal’s population is 10.3 million.

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