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Angelica's Inspiration: Elgar

Read below an exclusive excerpt from TURN ON, TUNE OUT:


"(Angelica's) mind wandered to country lanes too narrow for two cars to pass each other. She had traveled far away from her home in the Malvern Hills, where the sky often enveloped the ground in white cloud. On the days the sun shone, the world sparkled in the light. The Malvern Hills seemed a magical place then, as though fairy dust had been thrown over it. She had loved looking at the sunsets, the orange sun and the crimson-streaked sky. She had loved listening to the respectful hush of the country as the days drew to a close. She had been away from home so long that she thought that her memory of it must be colored by her absence. Then, "Serenade for Strings", by Edward Elgar, who was inspired by the hills, drifted into her head reassuring her of their majesty. She turned off the radio and hummed it. Elgar had greatly influenced her in that he drew his inspiration from his surroundings, the hills. She also drew hers from her surroundings, the city, where she had headed ten years ago at the age of twenty." --TURN ON, TUNE OUT by Cynthia Adina Kirkwood


Who were Angelica Morgan's diverse musical influences? Find out in TURN ON, TUNE OUT:

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