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“Recipe for a Hero”/”Receita para Fazer um Heroi” por Reinaldo Ferreira

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Corporal Naama Boni, 19, enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces only seven months ago. She was among the 1,100 dead in three days after Hamas, a militant Palestinian group, attacked Israel on October 7, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, subsequently, declared war, reported Y net news.


Tome-se um homen,

Feito de nada, como nós,

E em tamnho natural.

Embeba-se-lhe a carne,


Duma certeza aguda, irracional,

Intensa como o ódio ou como a fome.

Depois, perto do fim,

Agite-se um pendão

E toque-se um clarim.

Serve-se morte.

Reinaldo Ferreira (1922, Barcelona - 1959, Lourenço Marques, Moçambique), filho de Repórter X

Recipe for a Hero

Take yourself a human

Made of nothing, as we are.

And of full size.

Soak the meat,


In the cutting certainty of irrationality,

As intense as hate or as hunger.

Afterwards, near the end,

Wave a flag

And sound a bugle.

Serve him up dead.

Reinaldo Ferreira (1922, Barcelona - 1959, Lourenço Marques, Mozambique), son of Reporter X

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