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"Summertime": Ella Fitzgerald

Listen to the opening aria from the opera, “Porgy and Bess” by George Gershwin, who was an influence of composer Angelica Morgan in Turn On, Tune Out. Read an exclusive excerpt:


"Although New York welcomed her without question, Los Angeles always hovered in the back of her mind. She had never been, but composers she admired – Arnold Schoenberg, John Cage and George Gershwin – had passed through there. She reckoned that the attitude of Angelenos must be an open one which encouraged risk and experiment. The sprawling metropolis was so young with its county of cities, some incorporated as late as the 1960s on acres of former orange groves. In contrast, the Domesday Book of 1086, the great survey of England, mentioned Angelica’s native home of Little Malvern. Angelica craved new. She was ripping off the straitjacket of history, tradition and nostalgia. To her, newness meant freedom, which seduced her to travel four days by train – nineteenth-century rail network structure precluded cross-country high-speed rail - to “the last of the great railway stations”, Los Angeles Union Station."


Turn On, Tune Out is available on Amazon:


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