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Who should read Turn On, Tune Out

If you find your life bombarded by information and noise, read about this musician’s challenge to quiet hers.

In Turn On, Tune Out, a British composer turns outlaw in Los Angeles. Angelica Morgan flouts a computer law that cripples creativity. In L.A., she finds an audience, love, and a passion to stop the insidious law from taking hold in Britain. In the near future of California, artists, who steal time off-line, are considered suspect, criminal and dangerous.

Angelica’s friend, Rosetta, an outspoken painter, cautions the musician about the Stop, Look and Listen law. But Angelica dismisses the warning. . . .


A guest, a woman, walked briskly and angrily away from another guest, a man. They brushed past Angelica and Tom, moving the colleagues closer together.

“Mary, Mary,” implored the man trailing behind the woman out of the house. “I didn’t mean –“

Tom said,” You can rise above the muck of living, can’t you, Angelica? As a composer, your concerns are higher than the soap opera trivia of the rest of us slobs.”

Angelica looked at him blankly. She didn’t know how to feel. Was this a compliment or was he calling her an unfeeling robot?


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About the Author

Scrawling, doodling, jotting. . . I write with a pen. Then, I transpose my work to a computer, which I find useful, not intuitive.

Born and raised in New York City, my parents emigrated there from Belize in Central America. I studied at Williams College in Massachusetts, the American University in Cairo, and the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. At the University of California at Berkeley, I earned a Certificate of Journalism Education from the Summer Program for Minority Journalists.

I began her journalism career as a newspaper reporter in Norfolk, Virginia. I worked at newspapers in the east, west and south of the United States. In 1994, I left the San Francisco Chronicle for Sicily and have been living in Europe since then.

In 2012, my son and I left a sedentary life in Cornwall, England, for a farming one in the heart of Portugal. I have 4 acres of terraced land with olive trees and grapevines.

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