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Remembering the Unmistakable Botero in Lisbon: “Maternity”

Maternity is located at the top of Parque Eduardo VII, according to the news agency, Lusa (September 15). (Photo by Harvey Barrison)


Colombian artist Fernando Botero (April 19, 1932 -- September 15, 2023), whose round and voluminous figures were unmistakably his style, died at age 91. He was at his home in Monaco, where he had been recovering from pneumonia, reported El Pais (September 15).

Botero’s career spanned more than 70 years, beginning as an illustrator for the newspaper El Colombiano. His work included sculptures, oil paintings, pastels, watercolors and drawings.

“Long considered one of the greatest living artists, the fame and popularity he had acquired with his luminous colored paintings increased in the 1990s, when his enormous bronze sculptures began to be exhibited in the main capitals of the world.”

The artist donated more than 300 of his works to various public institutions in Colombia.

His remains were returned to Colombia on the weekend of September 22. His compatriots lined up outside the headquarters of the Congress in Bogota to view his coffin, according to El Pais (September 23).

President Gustavo Petro had decreed three days of national mourning. Medellin, Botero's hometown, had decreed seven days, reported The Yucatan Times (September 16).


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