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"Sacred Waters: 19 and Pregnant" (Chapter 2: "I Can't Go Back")

Updated: Jan 25, 2023



Feale’s face shone in a shaft of morning light rushing through open wooden shutters at the front of the two-room stone house. Like an angel she looked, her smile soft but crumpled sad along the edges. A young woman, she felt old. A bright light, she felt dimmed. Hunched over her sewing, her concentration caused her to squint.

“Faith,” she exclaimed, when she pricked her finger with the bone needle. A few drops of scarlet stained the inside of her husband’s sky-blue ceremonial robe. Blue was the Druid color for peace, a respected tenet. The visit of a Druid to a battlefield would halt the fighting on both sides. Druids mediated peace among tribes, advocating concord among people outside the home.

“Himself will think I did it intentionally,” she thought, and shuddered at his violent reaction. Edgar was terrorizing her in his absence.

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