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"Sacred Waters: 19 and Pregnant" (Chapter 3: "Riding the Wind")

The Celtic knot represents the three forces of nature: water, fire and earth. The single line is said to signify the oneness of the spirit, and the spirals represent growth. The gaps in the spirals symbolize the stages of life: life, death and rebirth.


CHAPTER 3 A blue-robed figure glowed in the moonlight as it charged toward Feale yelling her name repeatedly in the rhythm of a scythe so that the leaves on the trees trembled and fell and Feale’s eyes brimmed with tears of fear. The buzzing resumed, making her head throb with an urgency that threatened to split it open. How could she escape Edgar now? How could she get away? Edgar had found the soiled handiwork and donned it as validation of his swift and severe punishment in the offing. My God, she could not even imagine what vulgar penalties danced in his mind. “Feale. Feale,” he shouted. The hounded woman raised herself to her feet by grabbing hold of an oak’s trunk. Emotionally, she cut herself loose. Loose from the metal and soil and blood of this earth. Loose from the acrid pain of life – the daily agony of coming to grips with inflicted cruelty. Loose. (Continue reading free:)

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