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Violin and Gamelan Suite -Lou Harrison


Listen to Lou Harrison, one of the influences of Angelica, the avant-garde composer in TURN ON, TUNE OUT while reading an exclusive excerpt of the novel:

"They interpreted her work as a snub to romanticism, to tradition, to themselves. Of course, being British, they didn’t say that to her or to each other. “Different” said it all. Thereafter, they politely neglected to invite her to The Royal in Almondsbury for Sunday dinner which they had been taking together as a musical family when they were all in town. Heady with her new endeavor and ignorant of the slight, Angelica was grateful to have Sunday afternoon as a time to work and steep herself in modern twenty-first century music as well as older pieces by John Cage, Elliott Carter and Lou Harrison."


TURN ON, TUNE OUT is available on Amazon:


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